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My books

It’s All About The Magick

These stories were written for my grandchildren, all eight of them, but they can be enjoyed by dreamers and adventurers of all ages. A grandmother can be wise and fun and magickal.

The books run sequentially. Magick It Up, which is the first in the Magick series is followed by the Magickal Birthday. Hot on the heels of the first two comes book number three, The Magickal Adventure. Finally, the fourth and last book is The Magickal Rescue. Books three and four should be read in sequence as the stories flow from one to the other. Enjoy and dream. Magickal things can happen.

The Magick Series


Magick It Up is a hubbly-bubbly metaphysical tale.

The story promotes a sense of wonder with some scary situations and much excitement. A little history, some folklore and Alex’s realisation that by believing, dreams really can come true. The story is based in reality and slips into new dimensions, while Alex and Nonni, his grandmother, travel the world.


A Magickal eleventh Birthday for one lucky young lady.

Jessica enjoys a Magickal Birthday with her grandmother, Nonni, on her eleventh birthday. Arriving unconventionally at Jess’s house in Massachusetts, USA, Nonni has some surprises in store for her granddaughter.

Zooming round the world, visiting many places, dimension hopping, time hopping and culture hopping, Jessica learns to believe she can manifest her dreams, amidst fun, a little fear and oodles of excitement.


Cousins, Jackie and Will take off on a Magickal Adventure.

Cousins, Jackie and Will take off on a Magickal Adventure of their own, leaving Nonni behind, completely unaware of her grandchildren’s daring plans.

Landing themselves in a tricky situation they wonder how they are going to escape. As magick would have it, along with the power to believe, the situation resolves itself. Then they are off, journeying to spectacular places and intriguing times.


A Magickal rescue through time and space.

Andrew, younger brother of Jess and Jackie, travels through time and space to rescue his lost family from the distant past in distant lands. Feeling lonely and scared, he manifests some company. As if by magick, his younger cousins, Bel, Kenzie and Lulu suddenly appear. They journey on together, to find their missing family.

Magick is all around us, and in our hearts. Just Believe.


My Magick Stories

Welcome to my World, which is part of an infinite and boundlessly exciting Universe!

Of course we want Magick. It’s what makes life colourful and happy. If you look around you, there is Magick everywhere, nature is teeming with it.

Photo courtesy D’Arcy Benincosa.

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