The Stories

These stories were written for my grandchildren, all eight of them, but they can be enjoyed by dreamers and adventurers of all ages. A grandmother can be wise and fun and magickal.

Magick is spelled with a k here, and is the old English spelling of Magic. It always seemed more mysterious.

If you look around you, there is Magick everywhere, nature is teeming with it. Butterflies, hundreds of beautiful butterflies are fluttering all around us at this moment, black, blue, orange, yellow and turquoise fluttering by in all directions. The rain has brought them after the drought.

Magick also dwells inside each and every one of us but sometimes it needs a little coaxing. And to do that, you have to believe. Yes, our angels and guides can only help us when we ask and believe. Magick is energy and can be used in everyone’s life, but should only be used with the best of intentions. All children should feel empowered and passionate about their dreams. You can wave a wand in your imagination and conjure up visions of what you would like to happen or where you would like to be! When these wishes magickally appear in our reality, we have manifested them. Sometimes though, our wishes can be delayed or take a different turn, but all for the good.

That’s how Magick works. So let’s all Magick It Up!

Sheelagh McGrath


Stories for the young and adventurous

My wonderful, magickal family!