Magick It Up


Magick It Up is the first book of the series.

The story is based in reality and departs into other dimensions but always returns safely to the present day.

The two main characters — Alex, aged 11, and his grandmother, Nonni — are whisked unexpectedly and unconventionally through various dimensions; at one time travelling on the backs of bats from crystal caves; experiencing the thrill of being close to and observing wild animals in Africa; seeing fairies in the midst of an English forest and participating in the wonders of Australia, natural and manmade, proving that wishes really can be manifested. It is alchemy in the mental rather than the metal sense, manifesting situations by thought and intent.

Magick It Up will take you on a journey to places that some might only dream of, inspiring both young and old. Alex and Nonni’s loving bond shines through as they share these magickal adventures. This bond between generations and the handing down of wisdom are an important message for today’s disenchanted youth living in a troubled world.

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