About The Magickal Adventure

Jackie and Will decide to take off on a Magickal Adventure of their own, leaving Nonni, their grandmother behind. She is quite in the dark, as to what this daring young couple of cousins are up to.

They land themselves in a tricky situation. How are they going to get out of this frightening misadventure? Could Nonni have something to do with it?

As Magick would have it, the situation resolves itself, and then they are all off, journeying to spectacular places and intriguing times. From icy climes to a tropical paradise, from a historical revolution to ancient ruins that magically come to life, the three of them share all these experiences together, until…

Nonni has always taught her grandchildren that Magick is the key to transforming situations for good, and that the number 11 is a very special number. Nothing is beyond our reach if we only Believe and visualise all the good things we would like. All of us, each and every-one, no matter what age, colour, race or religion, own the power to manifest the futures we wish for, through thought and visualisation. And always with a good heart.