About The Magickal Birthday

Jessica enjoys a Magickal Birthday with her grandmother, Nonni, on her eleventh Birthday.

Arriving in a most unusual manner at Jess’s house in Massachusetts, USA, Nonni has some surprises in store for her granddaughter. They leave her Birthday breakfast, just for a moment, breathing a little fresh air on a short walk… the fun begins.

They zoom around the World, visiting many places in just a short space of time, dimension hopping, time hopping and culture hopping.

Visiting Europe and its historical past, they are caught up by a masquerade in a different time; on to Africa, experiencing its wonders and reminiscing about their family, in times gone by; and next to mysterious Asia, seeing past Royal history and experiencing present bustling times! They travel in a mysterious vehicle, glimpsing familiar people, and seeing the magnificent Universe through time and space, which is both exciting and daunting, somewhat like Nonni and Alex, in the first book of the series.

Along the way, Nonni teaches her granddaughter a smattering of history, of people and places, the importance of family values and about metaphysics; energy, manifestation, empowerment and Universal Oneness. All of this experienced with fun, a little fear and oodles of excitement.