About The Magickal Rescue

The Magickal Rescue is the fourth and last book in the Magick series.

Andrew, Jess and Jackie’s younger brother, sets out on a mission to locate and rescue his grandmother, Nonni, his sister Jackie and his cousin Will, from a different time and place.

It is a brave act for a thirteen year old boy, with no one, except his unseen guides and angels to steer him, and the journey is not without its dangers and difficulties.

Andrew finds a way to start the journey and magickally manifests his three younger girl cousins Bel, Kenzie and Lulu, to join him from their home in Sydney. They all set off on a daring rescue mission and travel via Norway, Iceland and Svalbard in the Arctic Circle, experiencing many unusual adventures and seeing strange and wonderful things.

They eventually arrive in Orkney, off Northern Scotland, where Andrew is sure that their lost family is stranded. With events taking place, in rapid time, one after another, the intrepid foursome forge on, in a quest to find their missing relatives who are lost in time and space.

Dreams, manifestations, empowerment, all these things creating a Oneness with past and present. Oneness with different places across the world, people of different cultures and most importantly, Family. So much Magick!